K-12 Esports

Last year we gave out Canada's first high school esports scholarship. This year, we're going nationwide.

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Collegiate Esports

We work with post-secondary institutions to create powerful and immersive esports identities.

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ATLAS program

Working with rural, BIPOC and other voices in esports

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Community. Esports' Lifeblood

We specialize in bringing groups together, identifying esports communities old & new, and connecting them with the resources they need to thrive.

Binche Keyoh Rocket League 2018

Competitors. The Fire to the flame

Volcanic works with local competitors to curate their stories and careers. We are building tools to ensure no story is left unturned.


Creators. Making Moments Matter

We're working with schools, governments and strategic partners to train & educate talent in the esports space.